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tanya felix messore heads up tonijn illustration & design. both a designer and illustrator, she hales from central california and is currently based in providence, rhode island. her education encompasses the graphic arts & illustration, with a bfa from the rhode island school of design. she began her career in the mid-90’s in the printing industry. in 2004 she extended her ambitions for global domination to include design for the world wide web. her clientele range from small businesses to the corporate variety.
she comes from the school of thought “whatever it takes.” to that end, she brings custom photography, illustration, copy editing, and a slew of professional collaborators to the table. a healthy dose of humor helps keep her modest, as well as a delight to work with. she looks forward to a long and fulfilling career bringing her brand of wit and fashion sense to the world, and invites you to personally take part in this noble endeavor.